“Always provide[s] a thoughtful reading…songs always heartfelt and well-constructed.”  –Seattle Weekly
 “A jewel of the Emerald City’s musical crown”  –Wildy’s World
“Folk meets rockabilly meets lonesome cowboy waltzes”  –Performing Songwriter Magazine

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“Where’s Wes Weddell?” asked the Seattle Times in 2001, after Wes set off on a grant-funded adventure turning regional stories into songs.  These days that answer is likely “in or around Seattle,” but a better question might be “What’s he doing today?”  Performing, writing, recording, teaching, sitting-in, presenting—all have become regular parts of the Seattle singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist’s repertoire.

Since My Northwest Home introduced him to the scene in 2001, many more stages, albums, collaborations, and honors have followed.  Touring increased, airplay accrued.  A 13-year association with beloved folksinging duo Reilly & Maloney began.  Life happened, and the touring slowed (Seattle’s not exactly centrally-located).  Wes’ Northwest roots sank deeper and spread.

In 2010 Wes began working with The Bushwick Book Club – Seattle, a collective of songwriters and artists who write and perform original works inspired by a different literary selection each month.  Songs from this catalogue comprise the selections on 2015’s Nobody’s Flag, a full-band effort firmly in the rootsy-Americana vein.

A native of Pullman, WA, Wes is also an avid baseball fan and mountain huckleberry picker.

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“Wes Weddell writes intelligent, thoughtful songs that feature a strong narrative element and there will always be room for his ilk in the Americana world.”  –AmericanaUK
“Let there be no doubt: Wes Weddell is a major Northwest artist, a major talent in American music, and he’s here for the long haul.”  –Victory Music Review